Avast Pro License File 2016 Download For Free [2023]

Avast Pro License File 2016 is aimed at advanced PC users. In addition to protecting against viruses and malware, the antivirus program has a wide range of additional service functions aimed at unconditional infection prevention and protection of money transactions and confidential user data. A free licensed demo version for 3 months is included.

At the same time, to the system on any version of Windows – from XP to “tens”,

very modest requirements are made – a Pentium 3 class processor, at least 128 MB of RAM, and 1 GB of free disk space. The cost of this antivirus program is also moderate – a trial version for 90 days is free.

The main components of Avast PRO for 90 days

The anti-virus program contains the following main components:

1) antivirus and antispyware;

2) intelligent scanning module;

3) password manager;

4) integration module with MyAvast;

5) SafeZone;

6) “sandbox” (Sandbox);

7) checking the security of the home network;

8) browser cleaning;

9) updating applications;

10) Cleanup;

11) Secure DNS;

12) Online Security;

13) SecureLine;

14) HTTPS scanning;

15) emergency disk.

Smart Scan

Intelligent scanning allows you to use some of the listed, as well as other services in the complex:

  • scanning Windows and memory for viruses and malware;
  • program compatibility check;
  • detection and updating of obsolete applications;
  • removing extensions with a bad reputation from the browser;
  • home network security check;
  • optimization of computer performance (Cleanup);
  • detection of weak passwords.

Let’s explain some of the listed services.

In the process of browsing the Internet, many free applications add hidden extensions to browsers. For the most part, they are needed not by the user, but by the manufacturer to collect information about the preferences of a potential client on the network. Some browsers, such as Google Chrome, inform the user about new extensions. The browser cleanup feature makes it easy to remove them.

The home network security feature scans your home network for vulnerabilities. The network status, status of connected devices, and router settings are checked. Weaknesses are often revealed in the latter.

Password Manager

The password manager prompts the user to store passwords in it, not in the browser. It will create unique passwords for the user’s services, who will need to remember the only one – to the manager. And connecting to a MyAvast account on all user devices (computer, laptop, smartphone) will allow you to do it the same way on all of them.

Safe zone

The SafeZone is a browser built into the antivirus program, recommended for paying bills, bank transfers, and making purchases. Work in this isolated virtual office is anonymous and cannot be tracked from the outside. In SafeZone, you can safely open even suspicious sites.


Suspicious files can be launched in another virtual space – the Sandbox sandbox. Its isolation will not allow damage to the Windows system. If the precaution turned out to be unnecessary, then the next launch of such files will not require access to the sandbox.

Other services

The Secure DNS tool is designed to protect your computer from being redirected to a fake address. Some malware does this to steal sensitive user data. Secure DNS creates an intermediate secure connection between the user’s browser and the Avast DNS server.

Online Security is a security plugin for browsers. It displays the safety rating of websites and protects against online surveillance and phishing.

The SecureLine module is designed to protect users when connecting to free or unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

HTTPS scanning detects and decrypts secure traffic, and allows you to create your own security certificates for Windows.

The ability to create an emergency boot disk allows you to use Avast Pro Antivirus 2016 services in cases where the Windows system cannot boot normally.

License: Free trial for 3 months
Compatibility Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Publisher AVAST Software
Version 11.1.2245
Year 2016
Language Russian
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