Download License File Avast Premier 2018 For Free [2023]

The security software market is highly competitive, as each project has a long history and is unlikely to want to share the “pie” with ambitious newcomers. Today we will talk about how to download Licence Avast File Premier 2018 for free, and in the process of narration, we will consider the characteristic features of the procedure, and the advantages, and disadvantages of the software.

System requirements For Licence Avast File Premier 2018 

Security software developers endowed their offspring with minimal gastronomic preferences for desktop system resources:

  • operating system – from Windows XP SP3 to the latest;
  • Bit depth of the central processor – 32 and 64-bit architectures;
  • free space on the solid state drive – 1.5 GB;
  • RAM – from 256 MB.

Features and new functionality

Several interesting features were implemented in the new version of the intellectual product:

  • CyberCapture – built-in algorithms protect the system from unknown types of threats. If such phenomena are detected, the program sends suspicious files to the cloud, where they undergo a comprehensive investigation procedure. Based on the information received, adjustments are made to the source code of the antivirus.
  • Sandbox – the system creates a special environment in which you can safely run suspicious software and potentially malicious files. The likelihood of malicious code penetrating your computer is minimal.
  • Web shield – algorithms prevent viruses from the Internet from penetrating the PC. Phishing and extortion attempts and identity theft is also blocked.

Available options

Developers and experts distinguish the following set of built-in functionality:

  • file system screen – automatic platform scanning and removal of potentially dangerous software;
  • Behavior screen – spy on pre-installed applications and detect suspicious activity;
  • mail screen – automatic verification of the accuracy of sent and sent correspondence;
  • Software Updater – built-in algorithms automatically update the current platform;
  • browser cleaning – checking the activity of the browser and its add-ons, the ability to remove suspicious objects;
  • rescue disk – security software can be launched from under the BIOS;
  • Wi-Fi check – the system scans wireless networks for problems in home connection settings;
  • authenticity of sites – the system checks the reputation and reliability of the published information, attention is also paid to licensing and protocols;
  • passwords – the ability to create a master key that will replace a dozen or two alphanumeric passwords;
  • Cleanup – a function of cleaning the current platform from debris, increasing its overall performance;Picture Avast Cleanup Premium
  • webcam protection – blocking malware that tries to gain access to peripheral components.

This is not a complete list of Avast Premier features, but it also makes clear the importance and demand for security software.

Summing up

Avast Premier is a popular antivirus that has absorbed all the best from other programs in a single ecosystem. This is a comprehensive solution for any platform that reliably protects personal data.

Download License File Avast Premier 2018 For Free

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