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About Scribbr

Scribbr is a trusted name in the field of academic writing, offering a comprehensive suite of services to students and researchers. One of their standout features is the Scribbr Plagiarism Checker Free, a powerful tool designed to detect and prevent accidental plagiarism.

This advanced plagiarism detection software meticulously scans documents for potential instances of plagiarism, providing users with detailed reports highlighting any matching content. The Scribbr Plagiarism Checker stands out among other plagiarism checkers due to its accuracy, user-friendly interface, and reliability.

scribbr plagiarism checker free

With a commitment to academic integrity, Scribbr provides a free plagiarism checker that helps students maintain the highest standards of originality in their work.

Find out if your writing contains potential plagiarism

Discovering potential plagiarism in your writing is crucial to maintaining academic integrity. With the rise of unintentional plagiarism, it’s essential to have reliable tools at your disposal.

Scribbr’s plagiarism checker is a valuable resource for writers seeking to detect plagiarism in their work. By using this self-plagiarism checker, you can ensure that your content is original and properly cited. Scribbr’s plagiarism checker scans your text thoroughly, generating a comprehensive plagiarism report that identifies any potential instances of plagiarism.

By utilizing this tool, you can address and rectify any potential plagiarism before submitting your work, ensuring that your writing maintains the highest standards of originality and integrity.


Turnitin is a widely recognized and trusted name in the realm of plagiarism detection software. As an advanced plagiarism checker, it offers comprehensive scanning capabilities that go beyond merely comparing content with existing sources.

Turnitin’s plagiarism detection technology also analyzes web pages, academic journals, and other digital sources to identify potential instances of plagiarism. It provides users with a plagiarism percentage, indicating the amount of matching content found in the submitted work.

Additionally, Turnitin is adept at detecting self-plagiarism, ensuring that writers avoid reusing their own previously submitted work without proper citation. While it is a paid service, Turnitin is widely regarded as one of the best plagiarism checkers available, offering robust features and accurate results.

How does the sample edit work?

The sample edit offered by Scribbr provides users with a glimpse into the capabilities of their best free plagiarism checker. When you upload a sample of your work, Scribbr’s plagiarism checker thoroughly scans it for any potential instances of plagiarism.

It compares your text to a vast database of sources, including academic journals, web pages, and other documents. The result is a detailed plagiarism report that highlights any exact word matches or similarities found.

It’s important to note that Scribbr’s plagiarism checker is designed to check against sources available to the public, so it may not access resources exclusive to your university. However, the sample edit provides valuable insights and a free plagiarism report, giving you an idea of the accuracy and effectiveness of the tool.

Scribbr Plagiarism Checkers

Scribbr Plagiarism Checkers are highly effective tools for assessing the risk of plagiarism in your writing.

These plagiarism checkers utilize advanced algorithms to perform a thorough plagiarism search and identify potential instances of plagiarism.

Scribbr Plagiarism Checkers provide detailed plagiarism reports, offering comprehensive insights into the detected similarities and sources.

They are known for being one of the most accurate plagiarism checkers available, thanks to their advanced technology and extensive database of sources.

Scribbr Plagiarism Checkers are standalone software that can be used independently of other plagiarism checker software.

By detecting and highlighting instances of plagiarism, these checkers help writers ensure the originality and integrity of their work.

With their reliable plagiarism detection capabilities, Scribbr Plagiarism Checkers act as essential tools for educators, students, researchers, and professionals.

Whether you are an academic writer or a student working on assignments, these plagiarism detectors play a crucial role in maintaining academic integrity.

By using Scribbr Plagiarism Checkers, you can save time and effort in manually checking for plagiarism, while also gaining confidence in the originality of your work.

What document formats does Scribbr plagiarism checker support?

Scribbr plagiarism checker supports a wide range of document formats, ensuring compatibility and convenience for users. It accepts commonly used formats such as Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), PDF, and plain text (.txt) files.

This allows users to easily upload various types of documents, including previously submitted student papers, to check for potential plagiarism. The free plagiarism report provided by Scribbr informs users about any detected similarities with the content database, offering valuable insights for writing plagiarism-free work.

While it may not directly access Turnitin’s global database, Scribbr’s plagiarism checker is a reliable tool for plagiarism prevention and maintaining academic integrity.

The review highlighted text snippets for missing citations

The review process of Scribbr’s plagiarism checker involves highlighting text snippets that may be missing citations.

This advanced software not only detects grammar errors but also performs thorough plagiarism checks. By analyzing the content, it identifies text passages that could potentially be plagiarized and alerts the user.

While the basic version of the tool provides valuable insights, the premium version offers additional features and more in-depth analysis. This is particularly useful for student writing, as it helps ensure proper citation and originality in academic papers, strengthening the integrity of the work.

Check for self-plagiarism by uploading previous assignments

Users can utilize the self-plagiarism check function to upload prior assignments and check for instances of self-plagiarism. Individuals can use this capability to guarantee they are not repeating their work without proper citation or attribution.

To find any similarities or overlapping material, the system analyzes the submitted document to a large database. This function is extremely useful for students and researchers who wish to retain academic integrity and prevent self-plagiarism allegations.

It acts as a preventative measure to assure originality in writing and promotes appropriate academic practices.

Frequently asked questions: Plagiarism Checker

Q: What is a plagiarism checker?

A: A plagiarism checker is a software tool designed to scan documents and compare them against a database of sources to identify instances of plagiarism. It helps users ensure the originality of their work and avoid unintentional plagiarism.

Q: How does a plagiarism checker work?

A: Plagiarism checkers utilize algorithms to analyze the text and compare it with various sources such as websites, publications, and academic databases. They look for similarities and matching phrases to identify potential instances of plagiarism.

Q: Can a plagiarism checker detect all types of plagiarism?

A: While plagiarism checkers are highly effective, they primarily focus on textual similarities and direct matches. They may not always detect paraphrased or heavily reworded content, so it’s essential to understand the limitations of the tool and exercise proper academic judgment.

Scribbr Plagiarism Checker is available in how many languages?

Scribbr Plagiarism Checker is accessible in a variety of languages. It supported seven languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, and Portuguese.

Rely on the most accurate plagiarism checker of 2023

A Brief Overview of Grammarly

If you’ve done any type of writing, whether professional, academic, or otherwise. Then you’ve undoubtedly heard of Grammarly.

It’s essentially an AI writing tool that checks your work for grammatical and spelling mistakes. Grammarly improves your writing by assisting you with writing and proofreading. Grammarly has also included a plagiarism detector, which is available as part of Grammarly Premium.

Key characteristics include

With Grammarly, you can quickly assign your work a certain tone and style, and it will offer suggestions to enhance it properly.

Grammarly plagiarism detector enables you to batch your text for ease of use and classification.

If it discovers something beneath the suspension of duplicity while you’re creating or revising your manuscript, it will notify you.


To use the Grammarly plagiarism checkers, you must purchase the Grammarly Premium membership plan, which costs $30 per month. If you need it frequently, their quarterly and yearly subscription plans cost $60 and $144, respectively.

An Overview of ProWritingAid

If you’ve been a frequent Grammarly user. However, if you wish to switch to a more reliable and feature-rich application, ProWritingAid is an excellent substitute. It provides a variety of features to help you add personality and flair to your writing, as well as aid with spelling and grammatical issues.

Key characteristics include:

ProWritingAid allows you to set the degree of a specific tone and delete sticky words, filler words, overused terms, and so on.

It integrates with your browser, Google Docs, Gmail, and other services.

ProWritingAid’s plagiarism checker can verify your work in numerous languages and color-code different elements of the report.


There are two methods to utilize the ProWritingAid plagiarism detector. You may either purchase the ProWritingAid Premium Plus membership or the ProWritingAid plagiarism checker separately.

In addition to the plagiarism checker, ProWritingAid Premium Plus has a slew of other features. It costs $24 per month and $90 per year. The independent plagiarism checker, on the other hand, charges based on the number of checks.


Plagium is one of the top plagiarism detection tools for educational institutions, guaranteeing that material is properly cited or identifying any occurrences of content duplication from anywhere on the web.

Users can simply copy and paste their material into the application, run a scan, and obtain a thorough report that highlights any instances of plagiarism or resemblance. File uploads in many formats, including PDF, Word, and text files, are also supported by the program.

Key characteristics include:

Over 190 languages are supported.

delivers a full analysis indicating any instances of plagiarism or content similarities.

Offers to help them improve their writing abilities and avoid plagiarism altogether.

A legal assistance service is available to assist users in resolving copyright issues.


Plagium price begins at $9.99 per month per user.

Is Turnitin better than Scribbr?

Determining whether Turnitin or Scribbr is better depends on various factors and individual preferences. Both Turnitin and Scribbr are well-known plagiarism detection tools that offer valuable features for checking and preventing plagiarism. Here are some points to consider when comparing them:

Database Coverage: Turnitin has a vast database that includes academic journals, publications, and student papers from institutions worldwide. Scribbr’s database focuses on publicly accessible sources. Depending on your needs and access requirements, one may be more suitable than the other.

Additional Features: Both tools provide plagiarism reports, but they may differ in terms of the level of detail and the specific features offered. It’s worth comparing the features provided by each tool and evaluating which aligns better with your requirements.

User Interface and Experience: User-friendliness and ease of use can be important factors. Some users may find one tool’s interface more intuitive or visually appealing than the other, so it’s worth trying out demos or free trials to see which one you prefer.


Scribbr provides a free version of their plagiarism checker, allowing users to freely examine their works for suspected plagiarism. While the free edition has restrictions when compared to the premium version, it nevertheless delivers useful insights and assists users in maintaining the integrity of their work.

Scribbr Plagiarism Checker Free Download

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